Infinite Group was established with the vision of developing and investing in sustainable, innovative, and affordable real estate projects in emerging markets. We have the unique ability, through the collective experience and expertise our team brings, to not only invest strategically in real estate but also to promote sustainable living through the emphasis of passive urban infrastructure.


We have a thorough understanding of the design process and real estate market, and our main objective is to provide great projects for every potential client. Our approach begins on a pragmatic foundation coupled with client input, project location, and the opportunities which emerge out of creative solutions to problem solving. Infinite Group’s team and consultants strive to implement fundamental design principles to ensure our projects exemplify the model for Eco-responsive projects. Cost-effective methods of passive design such as rainwater harvesting, building placements for natural light and ventilation, locally used material, and vernacular building strategies are established to create a minimal carbon footprint for our community.


Working as one team, under the direction of an experienced project manager, Infinite Group team can control budget, schedule, and final delivery, ensuring project success. Our approach is to ultimately build to meet the needs of our clients.


We always strive to implement a complete fundamental design approach towards new developments as well as renovation projects. More importantly, we aim to meet and exceed expectations by partnering to educate, design, and execute passive design principles that are tailored and appropriate to each community’s well-being. Infinite Group thoroughly understands the importance of designing, developing, and constructing with efficiency to correspond to the 2030 initiative challenge.